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Skyactiv technology

What is Skyactiv Technology

Creating cars for extraordinary experiences also requires developing exceptional engines with their soul, like the car itself. That’s why the guiding principle behind our Skyactiv technology is much more than just a bunch of pieces put together. We focus on the perfect symbiosis between driving pleasure and maximum performance and efficiency. We question and redesign even the most minor component to achieve this significant goal. It is Skyactiv technology.

What Are Advantage Skyactiv Technology?

The advantage of the development of Skyactiv technologies is that they have resulted in more efficient mechanics while maintaining the touch and feel of traditional engines.

To achieve this increase in efficiency, the engineers of the Japanese firm have worked on several fronts:
Reduce misfires (miss fires), as the amount of fuel injected is reduced to reduce consumption, the probability that the mixture will not ignite increases.

Reducing the losses due to internal friction, the irritation of the rings on the cylinder walls, the drag of the distribution system, camshafts, etc… all supposes a significant energy loss.

To reduce pumping losses, the internal combustion engine is an air pump. The more air we can suck in and expel the more performance. Supercharged engines increase power because they can put pressurized air into the cylinders.

Reduce losses in the exhaust system, and exhaust gases have a large amount of dynamic and heat energy lost through the tailpipe.

Reduce cooling losses. For every 10 liters of fuel, barely three are used to move the car. At the same time, almost 5 are lost in heating the water in the cooling circuit, simply because the heat generated by gasoline combustion does not take advantage.

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