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All About Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso [2023]

All About Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso [2023]

Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famoso first aired on August 24, 2021, and ran until November 15, 2021. The first reality show series was a success, attracting a total of 1.2 million viewers. The season consisted of 24/7 filming for 84 days.

Additionally, the reality show is notable for having constant surveillance that viewers can access online, making it calm for fans to keep up with the famous housemates. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Telemundo’s biggest reality show.

Where can you Watch Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso?

La Casa De Los Famoso

Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famoso is produced by Telemundo and is available on various networks. These networks contain USA Network, Bravo, E!, SYFY, Telemundo, OXYGEN, and Spectrum TV. You can also see the popular Latino reality show on flowing services like Roku, DIRECTV, AppleTV, or Hulu.

What is Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso  About?

Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famoso is a celebrity competition show in which 16 flamboyant celebrities live under one roof without contact to the outside world to compete for weekly prizes and a $200,000 grand prize.

The reality show was recorded in Mexico City, Mexico, for the Telemundo network. Also known as Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famoso. “La Casa de Los Famoso” is Telemundo’s version of the “Celebrity Big Brother” reality television franchise. So far, the show is the fifth adaptation of the hit reality show “Big Brother.”

The series gives fans a glimpse into the personalities and intimate lives behind the faces of celebrities. The housemates are a different group of Latino stars with changed backgrounds and personalities, adding to the drama that unfolds within the house. Audiences are given a front-row seat into the intimate lives of their favorite celebrities as they watch all 16 stars learn to live in one place.

Without entrance to the outside world or mobile phones, the famous housemates fight to be the last ones standing by joining intricate alliances. The stars play to escape elimination each week as viewers have the power to reject any of the celebrities.

The entire series is filmed in a specially designed house with more than 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones that allow 24-hour surveillance. As a result, enthusiastic audiences have 24/7 access uncut, unfiltered live footage on Furthermore, constant surveillance means that famous participants cannot hide alliances, strategic plans, or secrets from the audience.

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Is Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso A Good Show?

Yes, Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famoso is a good show. This energetic reality TV show is fill with dramatic turns of events and controversy. As unions grow more powerful, the game intensifies. The show attracts 1.2 million viewers, creating it one of Telemundo’s top shows. Due to its success, the actual performance was repeat for its second season on November 16, 2021.

The House of Famous: Who are Confirmed for the Second Season

After numerous rumors about who would be the members of the second season. Telemundo confirmed Niurka Marcos as the first member of The House of Celebrities.

Luis Potro Caballero

Luis Potro Caballero

He was a follower of Acapulco Shore and most recently a karaoke on the ramp stage from Me Cargo de Risa. The most notable participants in this class were the participants of this influencer and Menelik because, in their first appearance at La Familia Dysfunctional, they were excited to participate in all the games.

“I had fun, you bastard!” Luis Potro, who had to face Jose Luis Rodriguez, better known as El Guana, wrote the final Sin globe to no fiesta. Participants must keep their balloons afloat in this game and avoid getting stuck in different children’s toys.

Ivonne Montero

The protagonist of La Loba, El Tigre  Santa Julia and Secreto del Alma share the following with her Instagram followers: “Family, I am confirm to arrive at Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famoso 2. I am willing to enter without filters and face. whatever comes. It will be amazing,” she posted.

Through a forceful of questions and answers, the users of the platform participated in trying to discover some details about her new project on television.

“I feel very excited; I’m not lying to you; my hands even sweat because it’s a big task for me. It is a knowledge that, without a doubt, is going to be very exciting solid because we are going to be focuse for a few months, we are not going to be able to communicate with anyone,” she said.

Nacho Casano

The actor used his Instagram account to congratulate his followers. “I am confirm, and I have come to leave everything at Telemundo .com Los Famoso 2. Will the house be modernize with my arrival?”

For the Hoy program, he revealed that he is not afraid of conflicts within the house. “Every coexistence brings conflicts, the first day you will have a space issue. It is not your space, it belongs to the other, you are uncomfortable, the other is uncomfortable, It is not what you eat. It is not what you drink, it is not your time, eight people living in the same room is wild,” he declared.

Final of Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso

Four celebrities compete for the grand prize of the second season of Telemundo .com La Casa de Los Famosos reality show

Until August 8, the public votes positively for the celebrity they want to be crown the winner. The finalists are Mexican actress Ivonne Montero, Argentine actor Nacho Casano. Spanish dancer and choreographer Toni Costa, and Mexican film and television actor Salvador Zerboni.

Winner of Telemundo .Com La Casa De Los Famoso Season 2

Ivonne Montero

After leaving 90 days inside La Casa de Los Famoso. Ivonne Montero won the second term of the standard Telemundo reality show. Ivonne Montero, Nacho Casano, Toni Costa, and Salvador Zerboni were finalists in the reality show.

Toni Costa was the fourth finalist, with 14.6% of calls. In third place was Nacho Casano with 19%, though Salvador Zerboni came close to winning 32.6% of the vote, remaining in second place. The difference in the ratio of votes between Ivonne and Salvador is only 1.2%, an exciting and very close call.

Season 3 is Confirm

During the end of Telemundo .com Famoso 2. Héctor Sandarti released the news that followers of the Telemundo show had been waiting. Due to the show’s incredible popularity and high ratings, as well as a million controversial posts on social media, there will be a third season of LCDF.

Before Ivonne Montero was crown the second season winner and the entire cast of La Casa de Los Famosos met at the final gala, except Niurka, the host announce that Telemundo gave the green signal to the third season of the controversial program.

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