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Cloud Phone System: Advantages of Cloud Phone System [2023]

Cloud Phone System: Advantages of Cloud Phone System [2023]

A cloud Based phone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based business phone platform hosted and managed by a third-party provider. Cloud Talk can be an excellent example of this type of tool. The crucial differences between cloud VoIP and local phone systems are advanced features, the ability to work remotely, and access from anywhere.

Now that you have an impression of ​​a cloud phone system check out how it can be used in your business and why it’s worth it. Keep reading!

Advantages of Cloud Phone System

New technologies provide new opportunities and conveniences in many aspects of our lives. So how can you leverage them to boost your company’s efforts?

To save time

Once you devise a cloud phone system, you can save a lot of time on the entire process, including setup, updates, and security. In addition, because you’ll be using existing software, you need minimal implementation time, so your team can benefit immediately.

Given the time savings of using a cloud phone system, another insight is that your sales or customer service team will likely improve their productivity by taking advantage of the convenient features (more to explore these options). Read).

Low costs

It can be a hesitant block for most small and medium-sized businesses. But, above all, you don’t need to invest in heavy and expensive installations. In addition, there is no need to maintain equipment. It is also free from traditional phone system charges.

Mobility of Cloud Phone System

Thanks to the mobile application, your employees can receive and make calls worldwide. It also enables remote work, a trend and sometimes a necessity for businesses today.


When running your business, you should always consider securing your communication channels. Cloud phone systems are visible to hackers, who can gain control of VoIP and use it for their purposes. A reliable provider pays attention to security issues.


A cloud phone system can easily integrate with many business tools, such as CRM. Thanks to this, your team can easily and quickly access customer data, provide them with more accurate customer service, or create modified offers. Every call and info will save in contact history. It can be beneficial for e-commerce companies. Real-time integration can mean a change in communication with current and potential customers.


Although the cloud phone system has many features, it is not complicated. You can quickly achieve your system, add new team associates, and customize your dashboard in just a few clicks. Thus, the system configuration can be done faster and without the involvement of the IT department.


When running a business, you need to focus on the big picture. Let tools take care of many operational tasks and grow your business. CloudTalk, an example of a cloud phone system, is packed with valuable features that will make your team more efficient. You may find call recording and queuing, automatic callbacks, internal phone number labels, personalized voice greetings, voicemail, and contact labels among the most useful.

Powerful analytics

One of the most important aspects, though still undervalued, is analytics. With a cloud phone system, you are in control of all calls. You can monitor its duration and effectiveness and find room for improvement. You can find customer communication strengths and weaknesses by analyzing recorded calls and working on them with your team. You can also access a real-time dash that provides an up-to-date view of your team’s productivity.


VoIP allows you to scale as your business grows. Because you don’t need any infrastructure, you can decide to expand the capacity of your call center software at any time. It is also valuable for remote workers who can connect to the system anytime, anywhere, using an Internet connection. The limit is on you!

No physical space is required.

A cloud phone system doesn’t require any equipment, so you don’t need to spend space on it. In addition, the absence of equipment means less energy consumption and, therefore, a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Phone System?

After learning about cloud phone systems, you may be ready to make a decision. But how do you choose the correct facility provider? A quick search online will return thousands of results with nearly identical features and prices. So what makes service better, or are they all the same?

The first thing to recall is that no single service works for all businesses. For example, some providers specialize in small businesses, while others focus on a specific industry (healthcare). In addition, the VoIP industry is relatively mature, with most services offering a minimum standard of quality and features.

However, the key is choosing the right provider for your business. Consider the following factors when deciding to purchase a cloud phone system:

1.      Easy to use

Any phone system you buy should be easy to use. The most advanced system in the world will be useless if your employees cannot use it effectively. The Cloud Phone system is entirely virtual, so you’ll access all features through online panels. Make sure the service allows you to make changes at any time. It should also remain easy to use and intuitive.

2.      Balance of price and features

Most companies are quick to consider the cost of a new system. But remember that even the least expensive method will not suit your business. So be careful about paying for the quality and features you want. At the same time, evade the trap of paying for things you might need “someday.” VoIP allows you to purchase resources when you need them, so there’s no need to pay extra upfront.

3.      Service support of Cloud Phone System

Technical and customer support doesn’t get much attention until something goes wrong. Like any technology, your phone can stop working or develop other problems over time. It would help if you had a provider who would communicate with you and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Check that you can reach your support through multiple channels (including email, chat, social media, and voice). What is your response time if somewhat goes wrong? How fast will you get the phone back up and running? See if the provider offers an SLA (service level agreement) that covers your obligations and compensation options.

Conclusion – Cloud Phone System

Phone System Choosing the correct cloud phone system depends on your business size, wants, and budget. If you have rarer than five employees, you might consider vPBX Basic. Do you have more than five employees? You can choose between  PBX Medium and  vPBX Corporate.

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