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Solar oven

Solar Oven Write For Us

A solar oven is nothing more than guiding a lot of light energy into a small space to heat it that space. At the same time, a range uses electricity or burning gas to put a lot of heat in a small area. A solar oven is nothing but a small set up of some reflectors arranged in a manner all sun rays fall on the mirror will be focused to the center where a bowl or utensil is placed for cooking. Depending on geographical location and temperature requirements, reflector count and size vary. Several aluminium-covered kapton foils come to mind (reflectivity of 96.5%). Or aluminium-covered glass fiber cloth, also called beta cloth, which would be much more robust and allow more folding but probably has a lower reflectivity. Solar Oven is not work with electric fuse, it will work directly converting sunlight into the heat.

How To Use A Solar Oven?

Choose a sunny location. Solar ovens work best in direct sunlight. Avoid placing your solar Oven in the darkness or close to trees or buildings that can block the sun’s rays. Collect your solar Oven. If you have purchased a solar range, follow the instructions that came with it. If you have made your solar Oven, ensure all the pieces are in place and the stove is sealed correctly. Arrange food in the solar Oven. The type of food you can cook in a solar oven depends on the size and type of range you have. As a rule, you can cook most foods in a traditional oven—closed by the solar Oven. Ensure the solar Oven is wholly sealed to trap the heat inside.

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