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5G Technology

5G Technology Write For Us

5G is a great technology that makes it possible to support the increasing number of devices connected simultaneously, especially in large urban centers. This aspect was of great help during the first months of the confinement derived from the pandemic.
A year ago, there were very few 5G-compatible mobile phones, but the arrival of 5G has caused an increase in the creation of these 5G-compatible terminals. Here are some mobile phones compatible with the 5G network

How Will 5G Benefit Businesses?

The economy’s growth will be favored thanks to the improvement of 5G. But not all that 5G offers are advantages. 5G features can drive innovation and enhance the customer experience in businesses.

  • Autonomous mobility solutions
  • Smart factories
  • Virtual reality
  • Edge computing

5G cell phones are already among millions of Argentines. You can navigate faster and without interruptions. 5G technology connects several devices simultaneously and gives access to the Internet and telephony. Its upload and download speeds and latency are much higher since the 5G network uses higher frequency bands than previous generations.
There are studies and research that reflect the problems that 5G poses for the preparation of weather forecasts. In other words, the satellites that monitor the vapor concentration are affected by the interference caused by 5G devices.
All the infrastructure that guarantees coverage in rural areas and large populations will have to be affected. In addition, many of the current mobile devices will be out of the market, and the demands of 5G technology will harm the environment based on the necessary materials.

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