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A scanner is a device like a copy machine that copies documents and pictures and saves them as images. Advanced scanners have OCR and optical Character Recognition and can hold a paper as text. It takes a picture of whatever you put on the glass and saves it to the computer.

Scanners are used to “digitize” hard copies (photos, newspaper clips, printouts, and even ID cards or credit cards), which means creating an electronic file that closely depicts the complex document (whose affinity is dependent on the resolution and file type of the scan).

A scanner is a peculiar camera that uses a moving light/sensor arm that tracks in contact across the scanner bed and ends up with a digital image file of whatever is on the scanner bed.

Put in combination with the printer, setting up a resident program that controls the scanner arm and automatically sends the image file to be printed, and you have a photocopier.

Types Of Scanner

The body scanners use RF (Radio Frequency) electromagnetic waves. During its operation, a transmitter projects the waves to the body. After that, the waves penetrate clothing and reflect off the skin back to the receiver.

Different Types Of Scanners Are Available, A Few Mentioned Below

  • Flatbed scanners
  • Sheet-fed scanners
  • Handheld scanners
  • Drum scanners
  • Photo scanners
  • Film scanner types

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