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Data science

What Is Data  Science?

Data science is the scientific reading of data to gain insights. This field combines various disciplines to draw decisions from massive data sets to make knowledgeable decisions and predictions. Data scientists, analysts, designers, engineers, calculators, database administrators, and business analysts all work in data science.

The need for data science is overgrowing as data rises exponentially, and companies increasingly rely on analytics to get up and go revenue and advance. For example, as business interactions become more digital, more data is created, giving new opportunities to gain insights on personalizing experiences better; improving customer service and satisfaction; developing new and improved products; and increasing sales.

How To Data Science Use With Different Fields?

Massively using information technologies has generated a large volume of data in various areas, such as finance, health, education, engineering, marketing, etc. However, there is currently a shortage of qualified personnel to meet the growing demand for data analysts who can help companies and organizations make informed decisions based on data. This course aims to provide students with intermediate-level Python and essential SQL programming tools to perform fundamental data analysis, such as calculating a mean, qualitatively characterizing a distribution, and organizing information to analyze data for their companies. , universities, and organizations.

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