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Airsoft Gun

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What Is Airsoft Gun?

An Airsoft gun is a very low-power smoothbore compressed air gun designed to fire non-metallic spherical projectiles. There are three main categories: airsoft electric pistols, gas pistols, and spring-loaded pistols. These constitute the types of guns perfect for action in the Airsoft combat arena.

Airsoft is a unique team game using replica firearms. They appear very similar to their real-life counterparts but use mechanisms typical of airsoft products, such as the  Blow Back coordination or the quick change spring system.

How Does An Airsoft Gun Work?

All the operating systems of an airsoft replica have in common that they are based on air compression for the propulsion of a spherical projectile. The name “airsoft” refers to this concept. The translation would be “soft air.” These projectiles are made of polymers or biodegradable materials in different sizes and weights depending on the technical characteristics of the weapon. We will analyze the different types of shots in another section of this article.
As for the operating systems, these replicas of weapons or markers can be of three types. The choice of one or the other will depend on its tactical orientation, size, fidelity in reproduction, and, finally, price. In order of popularity, airsoft systems are electric, spring, and gas.

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