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Turtle Beach Stealth 300: Description, Design, & More [2023]

Turtle Beach Stealth 300: Description, Design, & More [2023]


The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is the modern amplified stereo gaming headset for PlayStation 4. The Stealth 300 gaming headset delivers powerful audio for games and chats via 50mm over-ear drivers and Turtle Beach’s famous high-sensitivity flip-to-mute microphone. For durability and unmatched comfort, the Stealth 300 sports a reinforced metal frame with a custom design for Turtle Beach’s exclusive ProSpecs goggles, a breathable fabric-wrapped headband, and memory foam air cushions.


  • Turtle Beach Stealth 300
  • 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Frequency range 20Hz – 20kHz
  • A fixed omnidirectional microphone that flips up to mute
  • Up to 40 hours of play each charge

Design – Comfort of Turtle Beach Stealth 300

The first thing that views out about the design of these Turtle Beach 300 gaming headsets is their minimalism. They are made of plastic and metal to reinforce their headband, so they are pretty light and robust, with good construction. The adjustment of the headband goes very hard. We will highlight their robustness as a positive point: they will withstand a fall to the ground without problems (when we lose Fortnite, these things usually happen XD). The only negative point of its materials is that its plastic does not show much quality.

The colors depend on the model, one being black and green (Xbox) and the other black and blue PS4, so only PC players can choose the color that they like the most.

The pads are small, but they cover our ears perfectly. Its fabric reminds us of technical material, as with the Logitech G430, although it feels more comfortable and with a better touch. We have not noticed excessive heating when wearing them for a couple of hours, but they do have some sound loss (especially when we have them at maximum volume). Also worth mentioning is Turtle Beach’s patented ProSpecs technology for eyewear-wearing gamers (here’s yours truly) that relieves pressure, thanks to memory foam in the ear cushions and softer foam in the ear cups. Glasses. The truth is that this is a point to highlight because they work very well. After playing for hours, I have not noticed any discomfort, which is difficult to find in a headband helmet.

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Sound Quality of Turtle Beach Stealth 300

The star topic is comfort when it comes to gaming helmets. First, we will highlight the size of the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 drivers since they are 50mm. Usually, we are used to helmets with 40mm drivers, leaving 50mm only for the high-end ones.

The only way to change these limits is through the four equalized audio presets that it has integrated. We can change by pressing the button on the helmet (mode) to go from one to another continuously while listening to an acoustic signal. We explain below the tones that we will hear that will inform us of the preset;

  • One beep will mean that we are in the Signature Sound mode, where we will have a more balanced sound where no frequency will stand out above another (they are still headphones with a good bass presence).
  • Two beeps will inform us that we are in Bass Boost mode or what is the same. The most severe sounds will be highlighted (with some songs, our headphones have vibrated). If you are a bass lover, you drive and indeed love it.
  • Three beeps tell us that the selected mode is Bass and Treble Boost, which, as in the previous one, will intensify the load of bass sounds and give more presence to treble sounds. (a bomb for our ears).
  • Finally, with four beeps, we will enter the Vocal boost equalization mode, reinforcing the treble to give more presence to the voices while the rest of the frequencies remain more stable.

The functionality of Turtle Beach Stealth 300

This section is where we see the weakest point that this helmet has, which is that, despite being a wired helmet (it works with wiring), we must charge it to be able to use it. It may seem crazy, and IT IS! We have a helmet that needs a charge to make its amplifier work. Otherwise, we will not be able to turn it on. From our point of view, it would have been more convenient to do without its amplifier or even to have made it wireless, since if it is mandatory to charge it, less than doing it without cables. Even with this, it must be thought that we have more than 30 hours of p with a single charge lay, which is not bad. The charging cable is the MicroUSB-USB we use to charge any device, which also includes in the box.

The microphone works well, and it hears clearly and loudly. At least it has not given us any problems during our tests. Another thing is the design, which we have already discussed before, which could have given it more mobility. As for its “flip-to-mute” technology, it works perfectly. With a simple microphone turn, we can silence it very quickly.

Play Like A Pro

E3 is not only designed to discover the best video games on the market and an opportunity for peripheral manufacturers to reveal new products and models. For this 2018 edition, the American audio company Turtle Beach has unveiled its latest Stealth series gaming headset, the Turtle Beach Stealth 300. A helmet that aims to enter the market as a cheap gaming headset available to everyone. Discover everything that this new Stealth can offer us in our complete review.


What do we think of this Turtle Beach Stealth 300 helmet? The truth is that we are in front of a resistant gaming helmet, but that does not denote too much quality in its headband. Its sound quality is outstanding, although it is more focused on satisfying Extra-bass lovers (these will not be disappointed at all). The biggest drawback of this helmet is the actual charge it needs to work, even being a wired helmet.

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