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Methods You Can Get to Spy on WhatsApp Account [2023]

Methods You Can Get to Spy on WhatsApp Account [2023]


Spy on WhatsApp – Indeed on some occasions, you have wondered if it is possible that they are spying on your WhatsApp or even if it is possible to “take a look” at someone else’s. The short answer is that you can spy on WhatsApp, and various methods exist.

The WhatsApp messaging application is one of the most popular on the planet, if not the most popular. It helps us connect with our friends, partner, or family, but it is also use more and more in work or professional settings. The convenience of sending a message and adding photos, Emojis, documents, or voice notes makes it the ultimate communication tool.

Can we Spy on WhatsApp?

Can we Spy on WhatsApp

A few years ago, it was likely to spy on WhatsApp conversations simply by being link to a similar WiFi network as the sender or earpiece of the messages. The chats were not encrypted; therefore, capturing the network traffic made it possible to see the conversations without too many complications for those users who understood the matter.

It is no longer possible, just like many other WhatsApp spy tricks that no longer work today. For some time now, the messaging app has encrypted conversations point-to-point. It means that when you send a message, it is encrypt on your device and travels through the Internet that way. Like the one we explain earlier. When you reach the mobile of the person you are writing to, it is decrypted, and it is at that specific moment that it can be read; when it’s already on the other device. Therefore, there is no lengthier any way to get through the WIFI.

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How do I Know if I am Being Spied on?

We can take a series of steps to see if I have been hack or spied on if my account is open on another device if someone reads my conversations before me. There are several options or points in which we will have to be attentive to discover if someone is reading our discussions. In this way, we can care for ourselves and avoid it. Some signals tell us something is happening: active sessions, for example. Or if you get messages, but you never get the notification, they always appear as read before you read them.

Check Linked Devices

One of the first features we must consider is a quick check from the same application we have installed on the smartphone. The first thing will be to check what sessions are open with your account:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on the three spots in the top right place.
  • Go to the Linked Devices section (we used to see WhatsApp Web here before).
  • Open that section.
  • You will see the angle of all active sessions and when.

Here the open sessions will appear. For example, you are logged in to a Google Chrome browser on a Windows computer, active at 4:40 p.m. today. If you do not have a Windows computer or you have not connected to your WhatsApp from the computer, you must touch it and delete it.

Lock WhatsApp by Fingerprint

We cannot change the password, but we can prevent a family member from entering, for example. We cannot know if someone has open our WhatsApp at home or work from our mobile phone. But it is always recommended that your smartphone is protect with a fingerprint to avoid this. In any situation, if you suspect that your partner picks up your phone when you’re in the shower and knows your unlock pattern, you can lock WhatsApp individually for a double layer of security.

  • Open the Settings section.
  • Go to Account.
  • Look for the Privacy section.
  • Go to the Screen lock or Fingerprint lock options.
  • Activate the one that appears
  • After a minute.
  • After 30 minutes.


What is WhatsApp spy mode? WhatsApp spy mode is a setting for conversations with your contacts. With this mode, you will go unnoticed because the read receipts will no longer appear, and you will be able to outlook the status of your contacts without them knowing.

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