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Aukey Dra1 Dash Cam: All you need to Know [2023]

Aukey Dra1 Dash Cam: All you need to Know [2023]


Thank you for purchasing the AUKEY DRA1 Dash Cam. Please read this user manual carefully and save it for future reference. If you need help, please trace with our provision team with your product model number and Amazon order number.

Using A MicroSD Card

Using A MicroSD Card

The camera does not contain internal storage and requires a microSD card (Class 10+ recommended and 128GB Max supported) to function. A 128GB microSD card should store more than 16 hours of 1080p recordings. Use a high-quality brand name card for maximum reliability. Insert a microSD card into the camera’s microSD card slot. Later, when the camera is turned on, format it (‘Format’ option in the dash cam ‘Settings’) to make the card for first use in the dash cam. Formatting will forever erase any data on the micro SD card. For best performance, format occasionally (after backing up files).

Installation and Power On / Off

Install the AUKEY DRA1 at the top center of your windshield facing directly forward for optimal performance. Use the cable fasteners to help fix the power manacle snugly and securely, as shown in the image below.

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Video Recording

  • Loop Recording: Recording will start automatically after powering on with a microSD card in the device. Each recorded file lasts up to ten minutes, with the old footage being replace when the microSD card storage is full
  • Motion Detection Recording: Enable motion detection in ‘Settings’. This feature will start recording video when the dash cam detects motion ahead and stop recording when motion is no longer detect.
  • Time Lapse Recording: Turn on Time Lapse Recording in ‘Settings.’ This feature will capture one image per second to make a video play at 30fps

Emergency Recording

Manual File Backup

Press warning 2 to back up the current file so it won’t be overwritten. A Warning-icon.png icon will appear at the top left of the LCD screen to indicate that a protected emergency recording is in progress.

Automated File Backup

Once the G-sensor is trigger through a sudden impact, the device will automatically make a recording and protect it from overwritten. Adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor in the ‘Settings’ menu


  • Hold Buttons down for 3 seconds to take a snapshot while in recording mode
  • The snapshot files are situated in the \AUKEY\PHOTO folder on the microSD card
  • The online tool ICON 1icon will be displayed after taking a snapshot, which will not interrupt the video recording.

Audio Recording

Enable/disable audio recording by extended pressing Buttons up in recording mode (or adjusting in the ‘Settings’ menu). When the audio recording is on, car audio will be record during the video recording. Expressing the details of possible dangers that may arise, especially when you are not on camera, can provide valuable data. You can also use it to record car license number plates that may not be taken on video.

USB File Transfers

  • Connect the dash cam (with the card inside) to your computer using its mini-B USB data cable. It should be recognize as a removable practical (with a USB connector image on screen)
  • Find the video recording records located in the \AUKEY\MOVIE folder (or \AUKEY\PHOTOGRAPH for snapshots)
  • Copy the files to your computer

Micro Sd Card File Transfers

  • Power off the device (by unplugging the car charger) and eject the microSD card
  • Insert the microSD card into a CPU MicroSD card slot or book lover, and your computer will automatically detect the microSD card
  • Find the video recording records located in the \AUKEY\MOVIE folder (or \AUKEY\PHOTO for snapshots)
  • Copy the files to your computer


Aukey Dra1 is not answerable for any damage cause to or through the airbag due to improper assignment of the device or its cables. To power on, attachment the car charger to your car’s 12V outlet. After powering on every time you start your vehicle, the system will start recording automatically. To turn it off, unplug the car charger.

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