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Some iPhone Apps that Will Make your Life Much Easier [2023]

Some iPhone Apps that Will Make your Life Much Easier [2023]

Introduction of iPhone Apps

iPhone apps are rising, with over 218 billion app downloads in 2023. But there’s more to search than the social media favorites, Facebook and Instagram. Many offer innovative tools for tracking rides, creating notes, and checking the weather.


Nobody likes being stuck in traffic. Google’s GPS navigation software app makes getting around easy with driving directions, a live traffic map, and traffic alerts. Compatible with smartphones and tablets with GPS support and available in more than 50 languages, it’s a lifesaver for trips on the road or beyond.



PayPal’s mobile payment service is a fast and efficient way to send and receive money and has over 52 million users. It’s great for shared expenses, whether splitting a bill, running household chores, or sending gifts to friends. Venmo users can also send notes with every payment, adding a social element to managing finances.


This app is for esthetes and offers creative photo and video editing tools. A haven of filters and effects that amateur photographers can use to take their Instagram creations to the next level. VSCO encourages users to share their results as inspiration for others on their selected VSCO grid.

Calm – iPhone Apps

One of the most general mindfulness apps in the industry, Calm offers guided meditations for various infirmities and occasions. Take a shallow breath and listen to a reflection on how you can improve your sleep quality or your self-confidence. A list of celebrities has recorded mediations, including Harry Styles and, more recently, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

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A helpful tool to keep all loose ends in place. Evernote is an update to the traditional pen and paper. Notes, organization, to-do lists, and filing features make this app a favorite among executives and business people who want to document their thoughts. Notes can be saved text, drawings, photos, audio, or web content synced between your devices.

Google Translate

Gone are the days of bulky dictionaries or phrasebooks. Google Translate is a free service that instantly translates text into over 100 languages. The app has recently improved and can now translate images, audio, and web pages. Google Translate is shaping a generation of tourists that is a little less helpless.


Flipboard curates news and information for your interests business, health, technology, sports teams, cooking, and travel. Readers can stay linked to local and national news in more than 1,000 cities and towns in the United States and Canada. Whatever stories interest you, you can add them to your Flipboard magazine to share with your friends.

Citymapper – iPhone Apps

Another navigation application, this time for public transport. The map service compares available transport options from one place to another with live times. Users can decide whether they want to travel by train, bus, or on foot. The app only works in maintained cities, but that’s over 58, from Miami to Tokyo.

Mint – iPhone Apps

Mint is an app that can benefit you achieve your complicated financial goals. Features include personalized insights, budgets, expense tracking, and subscription monitoring. In 2022, more than 24 million users trusted the app with their hard-earned money.

Shazam – iPhone Apps

Can’t you place this tune? Shazam identifies each song in seconds using a short sample recorded by a microphone on the device. Users can learn more than just artists with associated movies, commercials, and TV shows. The new app was initially developed by Shazam Entertainment but has been owned by Apple since 2018.

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