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API  Write For Us:  An API Full Form Application Programming Interface is a way that we enable a computer to use the program without a keyboard. It gives it a way to communicate with that program electronically. API is when you are making an order to a system. It’s requesting the server.
It is a medium of communication between two computers or components. An API (Application Programming Interface). It is not an electronic device or software. It’s the set of rules used to communicate with other software. For example, you want to use Weather information on your website.
An API describes how to interface with code that somebody else has written to make programming a particular application faster and easier. Interface with routines in the Turtle graphics library
Writing that application would be a tremendous programming job starting from scratch. But if we could find a “turtle graphics” library and figure out how to interface with it, we could let the routines in the library do the hard work for us.

How Does API Work?

A program requests some data to an API, passing the filter conditions and parameters. API goes to the database (read hits the database) with the access credentials known to it (or the shared credentials passed as parameters), fetches the records from the relevant tables in the database, wraps them and tags them, and returns to the program as a returning parameter or sends to an address as passed in the parameters.

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