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What Is Wheel Lock?

The wheel lock, also called a wheel lock, is a security device. The lock only affects one axis, not all four wheels simultaneously. Lockup implies a sudden decrease in wheel rotation, or its complete stop, and an equally sudden reduction in the coefficient of friction between the tire and the ground. The result is the slipping of that tire on the basis and the consequent difficulties in steering the car.

Why We Choose Wheel Lock For Vehicle?

The locking of the wheels on the rear axle of a two-axle vehicle causes significant directional instability. Locking the wheels on the front axle of a two-axle vehicle can cause a loss of directional control.
Therefore, in the design of the braking system, as in driving, action must be taken to prevent both the front and rear wheels from locking. Under hard braking, especially in low grip conditions, lockup may occur, and the wheels on both axles may not lock up simultaneously.
For this reason, elements that limit braking are added to the system so that blockage does not occur. (Anti-lock Braking System, ABS)
Locking decreases the average coefficient of adherence, which increases the braking distance concerning the optimum condition if that adherence were made the most of.
The braking system generates friction on the wheel. If this friction is excessive compared to the tire’s grip (which varies according to the characteristics of the terrain), the wheel will stop turning and skid. This blocking effect can appear when the brakes are applied violently or when driving on a surface with low adhesion.

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