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A Complete guide to buying SD and Micro SD Card [2023]

A Complete guide to buying SD and Micro SD Card [2023]


Welcome to the ultimate guide to memory cards. It is very likely that when you bought an SD or micro SD card, you thought that all memory cards were the same, but you have almost certainly seen that there are many types of cards with many different characteristics.

Dependent on the device you need the SD card for, you need to choose the appropriate UHS BUS class, Speed ​​Class, Application Performance Class, etc.

What is an SD Card?

SD Card

An SD card (short for Safe Digital ) is a memory card that stores data and pleasure on handy devices, such as mobile phones, digital photos, video cameras, tablets, game consoles or GPS navigators.

Today, SD cards are one of the most popular storage media, thanks partly to their extensive capability in such a small size.

SD Card Types

There are mainly three types of SD card according to their size:

  • SD (the full format SD)
  • Mini SD
  • Micro SD

For a few years, only SD and micro SD have remained on the market, and the mini SD is obsolete and out of use.

  • SD: It was the first model that appeared on the market. It has dimensions of 32 mm high x 24 mm wide x 21 mm thick. It is currently the most common format among DSLR digital still cameras and some camcorders.
  • Mini SD – These are the first evolution of SD cards and are 21.5mm high x 20mm wide x 14mm thick. They are currently deprecated.
  • Micro SD – Micro SD is the most common format in small devices, and they can be created on mobile phones, tablets, or game consoles. The length of the micro SD is 15mm high x 11mm wide x 10mm thick.

What is a Micro SD Card?

Micro SD is a variant of the flash memory of the Secure Digital type. With the permission of Huawei NM Cards, micro SD is the minor memory card. They have a size of only 15x11x10 mm. Undoubtedly, the great advantage of this type of memory card is its small size, and MicroSD allows you to store information in a tiny space. Another point in its favor is the current price of these cards, which makes the price/capacity ratio very high.

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How Many Kinds of Micro SD Cards are there?

Yes, many people contemplate that all micro SD memory cards are the same. Even though they look the same, they have many differences. One of the objectives of this micro SD buying guide is for you to learn to differentiate them and buy the most seemly micro SD for your device.

Micro SD

It is the oldest micro SD setup of the three. These types of cards have a maximum capacity of 2 GB. It could be said that they are obsolete since 2 GB today is not enough even for a 10-minute video on a current smartphone. This plan uses a FAT32 and FAT16 file system.

Micro SDHC

Micro SDHC cards were the next to hit the market, ranging from 2 GB capability to 32 GB. They are friendly with SDHC and SDXC devices. SDHC cards use the FAT32 file structure, so we cannot write files larger than 4GB to them.

Micro SDXC

SDXC cards (XC: extended Capacity) are the third and newest group of micro SD cards and are possibly the type of card you need. This micro SD range from 32 GB of memory to 2 TB.


SD memory cards celebrated their first 20 years since their marketing a few weeks ago and are still very necessary, especially in their microSD format, the smallest and best-selling of this standard that offers external and removable storage solutions for almost any device.

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