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What Is Wheel Chocks?

Chocks for vehicle wheels / Chocks for car wheels made of very resistant rubber that withstands the most extreme weather conditions without cracking. It is not a technology but it is  a safety device.

Nice one to the chocks; you can safely park your vehicle on uneven terrain or with a faulty handbrake. Rubber chocks for tires adapt better to road pavement and, being a porous material, ensures good grip.

It can be using  in multiple situations, such as at home or in industry, for securing light vehicles when unloading material. Ideal for cars, small trailers, mini-camper vans, etc.  It is a gadgets and electronic device for particular purpose

Wheel chocks are used to immobilize vehicles during goods’ loading and unloading processes. This way, trailers’ or trucks’ falls, risks, or setbacks are avoided.

They are indicated to be used in industries, warehouses, or loading and unloading docks, mainly when unevenness or steep slopes exist. It is an effective system to facilitate processes and avoid excessive use of the handbrake that causes wear. Simply wheel chocks able to seen on cctv camera that  link access to mobile for Safety purpose

By immobilizing the vehicle, falls, risks, or setbacks of trailers or trucks are avoided. Facilitates the loading and unloading processes at the loading docks. Avoid excessive use of the handbrake and therefore prevent wear.

How To Place A Wheel Chock Correctly?

The use of wheel chocks is simple, and the vehicle must carry out a maneuver to position itself on the loading dock and thus allow the wheels to be locked.

Once the car is set, the driver can place the chock to immobilize the truck and load and unload the goods, avoiding danger. Once the operation has complete, the wheel chocks can be removed.

To facilitate the passage of vehicles in the loading areas, you can use an access ramp to be fixed to the ground that helps pass heavy vehicles. It is not  work with the help of electric volt-power.

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