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Sony Mdr 7506

Sony Mdr 7506  Write For Us

The audio quality in the Sony MDR-7506 is way better than others. So, even if both are producing the same bass level, the audio quality dramatically affects the bass. After testing both headphones, you’ll come up with the idea that 550AP has better bass, but they both have the same bass. 550AP makes that bass feel better.

Features Of Sony Mdr 7506

On-ear headphones: The MDR-7506 is an on-ear headphone, meaning the ear cups rest on your ears rather than fully enclosing them. This can provide a more breathable and lightweight experience.

Balanced sound: These headphones deliver a relatively flat sound signature, suitable for general listening across various music genres.


The MDR-7506 is lightweight and foldable, making it convenient to carry and store in a bag or backpack.

Over-ear headphones: The MDR-7506 is an over-ear headphone, which means the ear cups fully enclose your ears, providing better noise isolation and an immersive sound experience.

Extra Bass: The MDR-7506  in the model name stands for “Extra Bass,” indicating that these headphones emphasize low-frequency response, making them ideal for bass lovers and genres like EDM, hip-hop, or electronic music.

Comfort and durability: The MDR-7506 features soft cushioning on the ear cups for added comfort during extended listening sessions. It also has a durable build quality.

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