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Security camera

What Is Security Camera?

Security Camera is for safety purposes. Having a security camera team to monitor your home or business is one of the most common practices to protect yourself from the risks of intrusions or thefts that you may suffer. In addition, the constant innovation of technology in the sector makes it easier, and within everyone’s reach, to have a service of these characteristics.
Each type of home and business is unique, so consulting with an expert from SICOR Alarms is recommended to carry out a detailed and free study. In this way, you will know which entrances and exits must be monitored, as well as the rest of the spaces in your home. or most vulnerable business, and which security cameras are appropriate according to your needs.

Different Types Of Security Cameras

Depending on the type of business or home you have and the variety of entrances, doors, and openings, different types of security cameras will adapt to all spaces in your home or business.

  • WiFi or wireless cameras
  • IP cameras
  • outer cameras
  • inner chambers
  • Night vision and infrared cameras
  • Cameras with movement and zoom
  • CCTV or closed circuits
  • WiFi or wireless cameras

The Main Benefits Of Cctv Video Surveillance Systems Are

  • Prevention of criminal activities, robberies, and raids.
  • Help resolve crimes at the time of recognition of the offender.
  • Reduction of surveillance costs thanks to its ability to cover very large areas.
  • Increased control, being able to remotely monitor what happens in the place where the camera is installed.

In the case of a business, it allows for improving the quality of the service by analyzing the actions of staff or consumers. It also allows the analysis of the information collected, such as the count of people or the route of these through the different places of the business.

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