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Top 10 Plant Identification Apps [2023]

Top 10 Plant Identification Apps [2023]


If you come across a strange species, you must download one of these five plant applications dedicated to flora and fauna lovers. With a click, you can identify which plants you have in front of you.

Suppose you are one to pay attention to small details (and despite this, you have not yet downloaded applications to identify plants). In that situation, we are sure that you have ever come across plants or flowers that have caught your curiosity, either in the middle of the forest, peeking out to a window, or next to the road. And of course, it is almost impossible for you to have a professional on the subject, a specialized magazine or book nearby at that time. But indeed you will have a mobile phone.


This apps is dynamic since it allows you to upload up to 4 photos of the same plant to get better results. In addition, there are some details and fields to fill in to determine if it is a flower, a graphic, or a leaf. In its database, there are about four thousand species.

Flora Incognita

If you are looking for rigorous descriptions, this is your program. It is develop by scientists and engineers from the Ilmenau Polytechnic University and the Max-Planck Institute in Jena. Once the species has been identified, it includes specific details such as how it spreads or whether it is at risk of extinction. It is primarily aim at wild flora.

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Its great advantage is that it works without an internet connection and with all services. It is made in collaboration with the Royal Botanical Garden and has a glossary of terms and legends about the plant. A very professional app.


The added value of NatureID is its ability to diagnose diseases, referring you to the treatment you could apply. It also identifies animals, providing information about the species, the habitat, or the care they may need.

I know Trees 2 LITE

This app specializes in European and North American forest trees. It has a complete guide with 200 species of trees, and it is also able to decipher the area where they grow. But that’s not all since it has a trivial test of the botanical knowledge we are acquiring.

Garden Answers Plant Identification

In this app, you must open the camera and take a photo. It automatically launches the information of the plant with its scientific name and some similar ones to identify those of the same family. Although it focuses on flowers and street plants, it can also help you recognize houseplants and some trees.


Although this app is paid, it has a free version that allows you to identify your plant or mushroom through a photo. Search in a database with more than 600,000 species of trees, cacti, succulents, and much more. The best are the cards, with curiosities about each species.


The operation of LeafSnap is similar to that of other applications you photograph a leaf. Upload it, and it returns the scientific name and its main characteristics.

Flower Checker

It is one of the few applications with personalize attention since a photo is taken and upload to the app. An expert gets in touch to give all the necessary information and solve specific doubts through a chat. In the end, you can make a small donation.

Picture This

This app boasts an accuracy of 98%, thanks to an extensive database. In addition, it lets you create a file with your favorite plants and configure watering, pruning, or fumigation notifications.


Planet application that allows you to classify plants simply by snapping them with your smartphone. Very useful when you don’t have a botanist on hand! Plante is also an abundant citizen discipline plan. All the plants you pictures are collect and analyzed by scientists worldwide to appreciate the evolution of plant biodiversity better and better preserve it.

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