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Top 3 Pdf Converters you can Trust [2023]

Top 3 Pdf Converters you can Trust [2023]

We always need a pdf converters that can rapidly, safely, and, for free, convert our PDF files to other formats. Therefore, this article lists the top 3 PDF converters you can rely on when converting a file. You can convert and save any web page as a PDF using your desktop browser on Windows and macOS.

1. Size Pdf Converter

Size PDF is a free PDF converter that can simplify the conversion of PDF files to different file types. Like PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Amazingly, these things can remain done in just a few seconds. Although this free converter offers many features, you must pay for it if you use another file converter.

For example, it has encrypted security. After converting files to PDF, all files will be encrypted using SSL. There won’t be any leakage issue with the files, so you can safely upload and convert them. You will be the only one who will have access to the files, and other people will not be able to open them without your permission. Meanwhile, many free PDF converters do not have this security feature. Therefore, SizePDF is one of the maximum reliable PDF converters.

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2. I love PDF Converter

I love PDF to Word allows you to convert, merge quickly, split, edit, compress, watermark, unlock, protect, organize, repair, and sign PDF files. This PDF tool is also valuable because it can remain used equally online and offline.

3. Small Pdf Converter

Small pdf – PDF to Word is a PDF converting tool you can use online or on your computer. Many PDF-related tools come together to create a comprehensive way of working with PDF files. To be more exact, this online PDF converter has separate instruments for splitting, merging, compressing, and editing PDF files. Also, you can easily use the features that come with this specific tool.

The Comparison

Online PDF converters can generally convert PDF files to various file formats. However, there is a significant difference between Size PDF and other PDF converters. Size PDF is free and has a better size in PDF files. Meanwhile, most other PDF converters must be paid to use their full features. Consequently, they offer restricted features and limit the file size you can upload and convert.

How to Convert PDF Files on Windows?

Before starting the steps, download this PDF converter on your computer. After you get the .exe setup file, double-click it and follow the instructions to install it on your PC. Once installed, launch it and use the steps below:

Step 1. Import the PDF Files

After launching this Windows PDF converter on your computer, click the “Batch PDF” option on the program’s main interface. Then a window will open anywhere you can import the files.

Step 2. Set the Output Format

Click the “Add Files” button and drop a group of PDF files for batch conversion. Afterward, you must select the format for the output documents in the “Output Format” drop-down list. You can change an entire PDF or select a range of pages to convert. You can enable the OCR function on the popup page for a scanned PDF by clicking the settings icon next to the output setup. To set a destination folder, you have two options: the original folder or a folder you need to scan.


Although SizePDF is a new online PDF converter, it already has the same features as other online PDF converters that have been around for years. Even many of the older online converters are no better than SizePDF. Many of them ask you to register, sign in with a Gmail, pay, and even many of them have terrible security systems that allow others to access your files without you even realizing it.

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