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Neil Patel’s Net Worth – Who is Neil Patel? [2023]

Neil Patel’s Net Worth – Who is Neil Patel? [2023]


Neil Patel’s net worth is well over $35 million. Neil Patel’s big hit was the Crazy Egg Company, valued at $10 million. He has formed many successful companies like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout, etc. He was known as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Head Obama and one of the top 100 businesspersons under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Who is Neil Patel?

Who is Neil Patel_

Neil Patel is a British businessman. He was born in 1985 in London. He co-founded Crazy Egg, Cosmetrix, and Neil Patel Digital. Neil is best recognized for his work in digital marketing and social media, where he created Ubersuggest, a successful SEO tool. Neil was born in London, the UK, in 1985. His parents moved with him and his sister to Orange County, CA. Neil began taking courses at Cypress Community College while still in high school and later became an SEO consultant while in college. Neil has a wife and a son.

Professional career of Neil Patel

Neil is involved in many projects. He is known for Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, Neil Patel Digital, his SEO tool Ubersuggest, and his successful Marketing School podcast.

Neil has always been interested in the corporate lifestyle, and he dreamed of a prosperous life for himself and his sister.

To earn a steady income, he wanted to become an entrepreneur on, but after some research, he found no vacancies available.

So, instead of waiting, Neil decided to start a similar .com business that would provide him with a steady income and allow him to do what he loves: be an entrepreneur. So Neil went ahead and spent about $5,000 on development and started his own company called

Neil Patel believed that he would not be able to profit from his website without marketing. So Neil hired an internet marketing company to promote his service and worked with them until he realized they weren’t helpful.

Neil then fired the company and hired a few others, only to find that they weren’t offering anything. Internet marketing service providers cheated Neil. It annoyed him, so he decided to learn more about the Internet. He also started using it in his business but stopped working on his portal because he had already invested $5,000.

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Neil Patel Companies

crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a company that provides analysis tools like heatmaps to website owners. It was founded in 2008 by Patel, and Patel worked at Cypress Community College and then started Crazy Egg.

Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel Digital is a marketing business. It was on track in 2017 by Neil Patel and is a major in performance marketing. In addition, NP does digital content marketing, data analytics, video, and research.


In February 2017, Neil acquired Ubersuggest, which started with keyword research but has grown into much more, including an SEO Analyzer, A/B Testing Calculator, and Backlink Checker.

Top 5 Lessons you can Learn from Neil Patel

Lesson 1- Being intelligent is not adequate to build a great brand

It would support if you were a leader too. Dropbox founder Drew Houston learned this in college. He liked his business when it was just him and his code. But then he found a book that changed his perspective.

The book was Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. : tax saving pf fd and insurance tax relief After analyzing it, he thought that if he wanted to build a great company with a great brand, he needed more than brains and a degree.

So he started reading books on business, leadership, and management. He later put this knowledge into practice by running two organizations at the university. This experience taught him to work with other people.

Lesson 2- Don’t rely on one fair type of income

Neil says you need to try different tactics. If a strategy doesn’t work, quickly move on to something else. But if they work, don’t stop there. Keep doing this till you find what works for you.

Neil Patel is a person who has needed many failures in his life. But he always tries something new and never stops doing it, even if he fails. His early business didn’t make him money, but that didn’t stop him from trying new things.

Neil started three successful businesses. He has a popular blog and also runs an agency. Neil doesn’t stop working even when he finally rests.

Lesson 3- Share valuable content

Neil makes valuable posts, writes them in newspapers and other guest blogs, and writes them on his website. People ask for help with marketing tips and suggest creating long posts that are valuable for people to read.

People can’t argue with meaningful content. Neil posts videos on YouTube attends free marketing events to discuss growing his business, and shares marketing skills and blogs in many places. Sharing helpful content with customers is a great way to showcase your expertise.

Lesson 4 – Mastering SEO can make you Rich

Neil Patel is a millionaire. He is also known as SEO Guru. The 1 reason she has a substantial net worth of over $30 million is her work with marketing and advertising, including SEO

He has built many successful websites in his career and sold them to major companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom. One such company was KISSmetrics, which previously supported President Barack Obama while in office.

Lesson 5- Neil is always compatible with success

Neil Patel has more than 5000 posts on his blog. He started in August 2014 and has been posting about it.

Most of the content he posts is about marketing. Four thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight posts on his website alone teach the importance of consistency. Be like Neil. Despite earning millions from Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, she never stopped blogging regularly.

Books by Neil Patel

Neil wrote a book on how to hurry, and he wrote it with other people. It’s called hustle: the power to charge your life with money, meaning, and momentum. This book teaches new entrepreneurs how to succeed without energy or business experience.

The book is receiving good reviews on various lists, such as the New York Times Bestseller Grade and the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List.


Neil Patel is a successful businessman with millions of dollars in net worth. Despite selling numerous businesses, he is still in demand as a speaker and consultant. His advice is generous despite his wealth. In addition to being include on lists of top CEOs, his success has led to his being asked to speak at conferences.

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