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Everything you Need to Know About Boss SY-200 [2023]

Everything you Need to Know About Boss SY-200 [2023]


The Boss SY-200 makes it easy to incorporate BOSS’ expressive guitar and bass synth technology into all of your musical journeys. Building on the fun and instant gratification experience of the acclaimed SY-1, this blue-inspired machine features an expanded sound set, more sound shaping options, and 128 memories to store your sound creations. Two built-in footswitches provide comprehensive real-time power control. You can go even further with external footswitches, an expression pedal, and MIDI.

Handy Memory Bank Stores all your Favorite Presets

When the musicians at Sweetwater first got their hands on the BOSS SY-1. They were blown away by its incredible arsenal of authentic synth sounds. However, the common wish was always the same: a memory bank to store presets! You asked, and BOSS more than heard, giving the SY-200 enough memory to store a staggering 128 different sounds for instant recall. Instead of spending a few hours trying to find that sound from yesterday’s rehearsal, the SY-200 makes it easy to stock and recall presets, with a front-panel MEMORY/CTL 1 footswitch for hands-free switching between settings.

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Features of Boss Sy-200

  • Advanced BOSS Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer technology in an optimized 200 Series pedal
  • 12 categories of analog synthesizers with many variations (a total of 171 sounds)
  • Three adjustable parameters to customize sounds
  • 128 memories for storing and recalling sounds
  • Fast sound generation with convenient controls and a large display
  • No special pickups required – play rich, dynamic synth tones with any guitar or bass
  • Zero-latency performance for unrestricted musical expression
  • Assignable memory switch/CTL 1 for memory shift, sustain, pitch control, and more
  • Combine regular guitar and synth tones with independent level controls
  • Parallel send/return loop for easy integration with other pedals on your board
  • Selectable modes for global optimization of the synthesizer engine for guitar or bass

A Massive Library of Expressive Synth Tones

The Boss SY-200 turns your guitar or bass into a versatile synthesizer with an analog twist, ready to imbue your music with dynamic, compelling, and impressive new voices. This streamlined pounder gives you 171 sounds organized into 12 intuitive categories, plus adjustable parameters to customize tone and response. And with 128 memory slots, you can store your favorite sounds and instantly recall them as you play.

Build Custom Sounds Fast

The SY-200’s informative display and convenient controls make it quick and easy to recall sounds and balance direct and synth levels. BOSS engineers chose all the preset synthesizer sounds to be inspirational and ready to play. But if you must dig deeper, you can adjust three different parameters for each sound via dedicated controls.

Flexible Connectivity

The SY-200 blends seamlessly into your setup in several ways. Plug it into your chain like a regular pedal, or use the send and output jacks to route synth and guitar sounds to different purposes. And with the send/return loop and level controls. It’s possible to generate unique hybrid sounds by mixing one or more pedals similar to different synth voices.

Powerful Real-Time Control

The SY-200 offers a wide range of control options while taking up minimal space on your pedalboard. Two customizable footswitches offer multifunctional operation with an extended press function that lets you turn the synth on and off. Scroll memory, control synth hold pitch bend, and more. Complete control is possible via external footswitches or an expression pedal. MIDI I/O is also available for connection to other MIDI-equipped pedals and devices, such as the ES-Loop switches -8 and ES-5.


The adventure doesn’t end with exploring the SY-200’s synth tones. There’s a wealth of I/O options to integrate this pedal directly into guitar and bass rigs of all kinds! Flip it back, and it’s ready to receive your standard input and output and parallel send/return, so it works well with all your favorite time and modulation pedals. There’s a CTL 2.3/EXP jack connecting external footswitches or an expression pedal. Flip it over, and a pair of 3.5mm MIDI jacks and a micro USB jack is ready to take your connections to the next level and enable full MIDI support or firmware updates when connected to a powered-on computer.

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