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GoPro Hero 2, The Camera Designed for Life Fans [2023]

GoPro Hero 2, The Camera Designed for Life Fans [2023]


GoPro hero 2 is a camera brand designed for those adventurers in life, they initially launched their GoPro camera, but now they are launching the new GoPro HD Hero2.

GoPro Hero 2 is a camera that allows you to record with quality all kinds of adventures that you want to undertake; it also offers professional performance in low light, twice the image sharpness, and allows you to record at a wide angle from 90 to 127 degrees, includes port mini HDMI and WiFi capability.

It is essential to mention the WiFi capabilities. It has been recording, playing, and streaming directly to the web, but the WiFi BackPack is required.

GoPro HD HERO2 is One of the Best Sports Cameras in the World

Best Sports Cameras

The new Hero2 HD camera offers better image quality in low light. The impressive ability to shoot 10 photos at 11 megapixels per second. The ability to capture images every 0.5 seconds until memory capacity is total. In addition, WiFi technology is add to offer streaming video or manage the camera remotely.

From the 5 megapixels that the first GoPro Hero had, we have now gone to a resolution of 11 megapixels for taking pictures, which, remember, is not the greatest attraction of this team. The Hero 2 is not called that just because it is the second camera in the family, but because it promises to be twice as fast, processing images that will also be twice as sharp as the first version. With these good intentions and continuously without giving much more information, GoPro ensures that it has improved the camera’s behavior in low light conditions.

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GoPro Hero 2: The HD Video Camera for Athletes

At a glance

  • An HD video camera is the weakness of the team
  • It is small, light, submersible, and has various methods of fastening to record yourself in subjective planes
  • Ideal for sports fans to record themselves playing their favorite sport

What does GoPro Hero 2 Consist of?

It is the weakness of a large part of the team. An absolute joy of video camera manufactured by the American company GoPro that sweeps the US. It records in HD, you can put it in the water, it is small, light, it has a wide angle (the opposite of zoom. It allows you to capture a larger image), and you can put it wherever (on your helmet, on the motorcycle, on the car, on the bike…) to get amazing subjective shots. There is another similar alternative in the Contour brand, but we stick with this one because it is the one that has triumphed in the US, the reviews are excellent, and it has convinced us when we have used it.

Who is it for?

Despite being a camera design for athletes and adventurers. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy it: the skier who wants to record his descent. The cyclist who wants to record himself going down the pass, the swimmer who records himself jumping from a rock.

Why will you Like GoPro Hero 2?

Because it allows you to capture unique images you would never have imagined being able to record. It is small and easy to use; you can put it in the water, take it anywhere an absolute joy!

It’s Good that you know that

The new HERO 2 Full HD: With a resolution of 1080p, it takes 11MP photos and 10 photos per second. It records at 120 frames per second, allowing you to shoot amazing slow-motion footage. It comes in 3 different configurations: helmet accessories (Outdoor), motor vehicles (Motorsport), and the surfboard (SURF).

Of the 3 HERO 2 models, we recommend the model for motor vehicles (GoPro Full HD Hero 2 Motorsport) as it is the most versatile and has the accessories to use it on a motorcycle, a car, a bike, and also even on a helmet. If you don’t have such a budget, we recommend the HD 960.

GoPro HERO2: An Off-Road Camera to Record your Adventures

If you are lovers of great sports and do not want to miss an image of the great adventure. Of course, not just any camera can help you. But the GoPro HERO2 can be very useful as it is an off-road camera that will allow you to record the riskiest adventures.

The GoPro HERO2 is the new model that follows the previous HERO and HERO HD versions. The new sports camera is a true all-rounder that has evolved significantly and for the better compared to previous models. The innovative camera will allow you to obtain photos and also videos of your adventures on a bicycle, motorcycle, sky, surf, snowboarding, paragliding, kayaking, or skateboarding.

The GoPro HERO2 can take up to 11 Mpx photos with a CMOS sensor. You can shoot manually or program a shot or several every particular time. An ideal option if you really do not want to lose any image while you are on the move.

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