Without a doubt, the issue of digital marketing salary is one of the questions that most often arises among those who want to dedicate themselves to this profession. As you will see, the great variety of tasks, positions, and categories make it difficult to answer. In this object, we explain the keys to the salary of these professionals.

Digital Marketing, A Salary Based on your Position

Salary Based on your Position

Under digital marketing, we can find dozens of positions that are very different from each other in terms of their functions and level of responsibility. Consequently, salaries will also differ considerably.

In fact, by studying digital marketing, you will be able to apply for really very varied jobs.

Below we show you the digital marketing salary in Spain in 2021 for various positions:

  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director). As a position of full responsibility in the marketing area, a CMO can earn between €37,000 and €120,000 per year, depending on the type of company and its geographical location.
  • Director of Digital Marketing ( Digital Marketing Manager ). In a company of a specific size, this position can have an annual salary of between €30,000 and €90,000, falling to around €21,000 – €45,000 in small companies.
  • Digital Product Director: between €35,000 and €45,000 per year.
  • Expert in Big Data and Business Intelligence: between €28,000 and €41,000 per year.
  • Content Manager and SEO Specialist: between €25,000 and €40,000 in large companies and between €17,000 and €24,000 in SMEs.
  • Community Manager: between €16,000 and €45,000 per year, depending on your experience and company size.

Digital Marketing Salary: What Factors Influence

Among the aspects that condition the salary of digital marketing in the labor market, we can highlight the following:

Previous Work Experience

Undoubtedly, as in any other job, the candidate’s experience is a decisive factor, especially in positions of greater responsibility. Companies highly value the work you have done formerly, so it is exciting that you can offer detailed descriptions of your tasks, projects developed, and opinions of your superiors.

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If you need to dedicate yourself to this profession, you must inform and complete your training in digital marketing throughout your career. New tools or technological innovations are continually emerging that can completely transform the way of working in the sector. Therefore, you can never stop learning if you want a good salary in digital marketing.

The Size and Sector of the Company

Are also factors that considerably influence digital marketing salaries. In this way, big companies can afford to attract the best aptitude by offering very high salaries.

In short, the question of digital marketing salary in 2021 admits a wide variety of possible answers. Any case, what is undeniable is this sector’s great dynamism and vigor, which assurances that there will always be firms keen to offer attractive remuneration to the best candidates.

Train to Get your Salary

Now that you have everything related to salary much clearer, we encourage you to train with the Digital Marketing Specialist Course. Ask us for information by filling out the simple contact form that you will find on this page.

At Campus Training, we have a study method that adapts to the needs of each student, prepared by specialized tutors in the field.

In addition, we have a program that is constantly updated so that you can pass the tests and enter the labor market with all the training guarantees.

As if this were not enough, the course includes professional internships in the leading companies in the sector, an excellent way to enter the labor market.


Digital marketing is the section of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop CPUs, mobile phones, and other digital media and stages to promote products and services.

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