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The key to the success of the digital version of traditional resources and our own formats that we handle on computers and networks, is that the digitization of information (its transformation into strings of ones and zeros that can be interpreted by the microprocessors that found inside computers), makes it possible for it to be stored, modified and transferred easily, thus overcoming many of the limitations that traditional analog formats had in this regard.
The digitization of texts, images and sounds opens up new possibilities for action because it breaks with the traditional primacy of the analog information format. The digital format that computer handle and store is no longer similar to its original representation, as was the case with the analog format, because machine language (the strings of 0’s and 1’s that we mentioned earlier) has a totally different structure from natural analog languages.
However, obviously, this digital format of the information handled by computers can be recomposed and reproduced in analog images and sounds (and therefore understandable by our senses), with the advantage that the digitized information can be manipulated recursively by means of mathematical algorithms. quickly and efficiently by computers, and then sent to remote locations over the network with ease and with virtually no limitations.

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Despite popular belief, technology creates more jobs than it eliminates . In the so-called fourth industrial revolution and by the year 2025 , technology will have created more than 97 million jobs worldwide. In addition, these new jobs will be much more satisfying for humans, since automation will eliminate the heaviest or repetitive jobs, allowing humans to be more creative and innovative.

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