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What Is Cloud Architecture?

Cloud architecture brings up the approach to integrating different technologies to create clouds — the IT environments that separate, pool, and share flexible resources across the network. The architecture defines how all the elements and functions needed to design the cloud – the online platform where applications can run – are connected.
It is similar to building a house: the infrastructure includes all the materials, and the architecture is the blueprint. Cloud architecture combines technological components to produce a cloud in which resources are pooled using virtualization technology and shared on a network. The features of a cloud architecture include:

  • A front-end platform (the client or device used to access the cloud)
  • A back-end platform (servers and storage)
  • A cloud-based distribution model
  • A network

Together, these technologies form a cloud computing architecture on which applications can run, giving end users the ability to harness the potential of cloud resources.

What Are The Ideologies of Cloud  Architecture?

Before planning your cloud, you must assess your environment and business needs.
Scalability: Cloud architectures should be scalable to accommodate changes in demand. This can be achieved using cloud-based resources that can be dynamically provisioned and de-provisioned as needed.
Availability: Cloud architectures should be highly available to ensure that applications are always accessible to users. This can be achieved by using redundant cloud resources and distributing applications across multiple availability zones.
Security: Cloud architectures should be secure to protect sensitive data and requests from unauthorized access. This can be attained by using encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms.

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