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Protect your Eyes From Blue Light Screens [2023]

Protect your Eyes From Blue Light Screens [2023]

Blue Light Screens Filters Improve Your Visual Health

For a few years, our routine has been filled with Blue Light Screens, spending approximately 30% of our time in front of a computer, telephone, tablet, or television each day, without being aware of how this affects our visual health.

In addition, the current situation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the use of electronic devices for most people in recent months, largely due to teleworking, online classes and meetings, the increase in video calls etc…

Although they may appear harmless, the LED backlight units that LCD screens have emit a great amount of blue light that remains harmful to our eyes, and it is advisable to use filters that attenuate this type of radiation.

What is the BLUE LIGHT?


Blue light remains part of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye perceives, being emitted both naturally through the sun’s rays and artificial through the electronic devices we use on a daily basis.

The wavelength of blue light is among 380nm and 475nm, and although it is within the human visible spectrum, the most extreme part of this light, called blue-violet light, can be harmful after prolonged exposure.

For this reason, being exposed to blue light for longer than the recommended time becomes dangerous for our eyes, since it can injury the photoreceptors and retinal cells, having cumulative and chronic effects.

Some of the problems caused by prolonged exposure to blue light are as follows:

Short term:

  • Computer Visual Syndrome (VIS)
  • Fatigue and visual stress
  • eye dryness
  • Red eyes
  • Decreased blink rate
  • Headache
  • Lack of concentration


  • Disruption of circadian rhythms of sleep
  • Damage to the retina accelerating the process of the appearance of macular degeneration (AMD), which can lead to blindness
  • Helps early formation of waterfalls

How Can We Keep Ourselves from the BLUE LIGHT?

To defend our eyes, lens builders have designed specific blue light filters that reduce the excess of this type of light, lowering its intensity and thus helping to protect our vision. At the same time, they relieve eye fatigue, improve sleep quality and provide retinal protection against phototoxicity, especially in terms of protecting the macula.

There are different types of blue light filters, which are as follows:

External or layered blue filter : it is located on the external surface of the lens, it has an appreciable residual “blue” tone in the reflections and that slightly yellows the white tones.

Internal or mass blue filter : it is integrate in the mass of the lens itself. In this method it manages to filter a greater amount of blue light than coating filters. They take the advantage that they do not crop blue reflections, nor do they leave a residual tone that alters the contrast of colors.

Combined blue filter : it is the mix of the two preceding filters, for which it attains the supreme possible filtration capacity.

Other Methods to Defend Our Vision from Blue Light

When we are in obverse of the screen of any electronic expedient we must remain conscious of it, and not overexpose ourselves to blue light gratuitously. In adding to the use of blue filter lenses, we leave you with a series of references that you can start carrying out from now on, and that will help reduce the harmful effects of blue light:

Use The 20-20-20 Technique When Working With the Computer

this technique consists in resting your eyes one at a time and every 20 minutes and looking at infinity or at least 6 meters away for 20 seconds. In this way we will significantly reduce visual fatigue.

Reduce The Number of Hours You Apply In Front of the Screen of your Strategies

although we know that using these devices can be essential for our work or study, it is important that we also take care of our eyesight. Try to use these devices only for as long as absolutely necessary, replacing them with other types of tasks during your free time, such as reading a book or even better, outdoor activities that will undoubtedly not only improve your eyesight but also Your physical condition will improve significantly. . and the spirit

Use your Devices Properly

To protect users’ vision, the vast majority of LED devices have a “night light” filter that reduces screen brightness, giving it a more orange tint and lowering color saturation. Enabling this filter reduces some of the radiation that reaches your eyes directly.

Conclusion – Blue Light Screens

Use lenses designed for digital screens that offer a relaxing effect against visual fatigue , whether prescription is needed or not. Take 15-minute breaks every two hours when screens are being use. Look into the coldness and blink every 15 minutes or so.

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