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Planning to Buy Backlinks? A Must-Read 2023 Guide

Planning to Buy Backlinks? A Must-Read 2023 Guide


Buying backlinks is paying for a link from another website to your website. Typically, a link buyer’s goal when buying backlinks is to increase the search engine ranking of their website. Other purposes “could” be increasing referral traffic or driving conversions, but this is much less common.

Are people buying backlinks? Backlinks are a valuable service because the weight of backlinks pointing to a website is a significant search engine ranking factor, especially for Google. Simply put, the more relevant and quality links pointing to your website, the higher you can rank on search engine results pages.

Is it Safe to Buy Backlinks?

Is it Safe to Buy Backlinks

Links can be safe when you buy backlinks from an SEO organization that follows industry best practices. Operating our networks and link services ensures the highest possible privacy and security.

While it is true that buying backlinks violates Google’s Terms of Service and therefore qualifies as black hat activity, it is tough for Google and other search engines to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone you are buying backlinks unless the link builder is naive. Or desperate enough. Freely and publicly display lists of websites where they sell links (which we do not do).

It can also be dangerous to buy low-quality links (spam) from PBN link providers who have nothing to do with the PBN industry (footprint issues) or don’t know how to build connections for SEO and link providers who provide links to sell. To unwanted customer sites from their networks (e.g., link schemes).

We do not sell what appear to be spam links, our PBN department is run by Nick Altimore, who has built a strong reputation in the community, and we vet each client’s website before linking.

Which Backlinks Are Safe?

People new to SEO tend to think that if you want to reduce risk as much as possible, you must only look for “white hat” backlink sources, which means backlinks are built without manipulative or underhanded methods that can hurt your site’s rankings if caught.

Planning to Buy Backlinks? A Must-Read 2022 Guide

Some examples of these white hat backlinks are quotes, forum profiles, social media links, blog comments, and Web 2.0. Links to niche directories, such as B. from business-related websites, are also included as they are considered natural for websites.

But as we’ve said before, the idea that only white hat backlinks are safe and effective is a common misconception about link building that can prevent site owners from realizing their true potential in the SERPs.

Some backlinks may come from sources that don’t seem to have any natural purpose other than to control search engines. Still, there are other issues involved in creating these backlinks that experienced link builders as us know and understand the use. for the benefit of our clients.

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What Else Can I Do to Confirm Safe Link Building?

On each product page for the changed types of links we sell, you will find a security key at the top of the page that looks like this:

If you are unconfident about a product or don’t have much experience in link building, be sure to read this unit, as it will give you valuable information on how to use the product. , its “hat” note (black, white, or gray). Hat) and everything you need to do before using it to stay safe.

Also, when buying backlinks, be sure to maintain a diverse link profile and try to mimic natural link speed.

How to Buy Quality Backlinks?

With the advent of the well-known Skyscraper link-building technique, buying free website links is possible. In 2016 and 2017, customers could request and receive more than 60 links each month.

The internet algorithm works because backlinks are critical for ranking content in search engines like Google. More than ever, website developers will only post links when compensation is available, and you only pay when you get your backlinks.

Since website owners recognize the potential of buying and selling links, it’s no wonder this is the case. The industry will reach its peak of success.

Why Would I Buy Links from you Instead of a Competitor?

If you’ve ever tried to buy backlinks, you already know that finding a solid paid link provider can be difficult. Our link-building services stand out from other websites for the following reasons.

We Appreciate your Safety

As mentioned above, we follow industry best practices and take every precaution to ensure the security and longevity of our networks and services and the continued dominance of your websites in search engines, without penalty, from Google. We will not link or do anything on your websites that we would not do with our assets.

Quality is the Top Priority

We are not interested in selling low-quality links that do not help our customers improve their search engine rankings, as this will give us a bad reputation. We are SEO first: we love what we do, are good at it, and value quality links. Today, we present our expertise to our clients to help them buy quality backlinks that complement their SEO strategy.

Our Outlook Behind our Products and our Brand

Unlike many providers who pop up overnight with faceless brands and shoddy products. We’re here for the long haul – we’ve built our reputation as a link builder on our links and other services and guarantee their quality and effectiveness. All of our SEO efforts are designed to deliver quality.

All Backlinks and Products are White Label

Our products are white-label (unbranded), perfect for agencies and resellers. We love building backlinks for the SEO world and learning more about white-label link building.

Prices you can Afford

Our paid links are among the cheapest you will find! More on this in the next section.


You will always reap the rewards whether you buy backlinks or they come naturally to you. And the importance of backlinks will undoubtedly be reflected in the overall SEO of your website. However, buying backlinks is still controversial, but agencies with the experience and knowledge know how to bring it to the table.

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