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Assistive technology

 Assistive Technology Write For Us

Assistive technology is a generic term that groups all the equipment, devices, instruments or programs used to increase, maintain or improve the quality of life and autonomy of people who have some type of disability.
The Assistive technology in the field of informatics includes assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices and equipment based on a computer system. An example of this equipment is robotic wheelchairs. These chairs, in addition to incorporating electric motors on the wheels, have a computer that, based on the information provided by a set of sensors, ends up controlling the chair, or at least giving help to the user.
Technological Level :

  • Non-tech (particular uses of common objects and methods), low-tech (adaptation of existing tools)
  • Medium technology (products and equipment of a certain technological complexity)
  • High technology (products and equipment of great technological complexity).

What Are Assistive Devices?

Some Are Assistive Devices
Subtitles that allow the hearing impaired to view movies, TV shows, and other digital media.
Physical modifications to the built environment, including ramps, security bars, and wider doors, allow access to buildings, business, and workplaces.
Switches and utensils adapted to allow those with limited motor skills to eat, play and do other activities.
Computer software and hardware, such as speech recognition programs, screen readers, and screen magnification applications that help people with sensory and mobility disabilities use computers and mobile devices.

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