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Air dryer

Air Dryer Write For Us

An air dryer is a device that allows the humidity of compressed air to be reduced. Likewise, it allows combating corrosion caused by condensed water in compressed air networks. The field of application of air dryers in industry is quite wide: painting, tools, chemicals, emptying, automation, ozone generator power, medical and respiratory applications, etc.

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The refrigerant dryer cools compressed air to a temperature below the dew point (down to -20ºC). The condensation of humidity in the air causes the formation of water in a liquid state, which is subsequently sent to the water separator, where it is eliminated.  The adsorption dryer allows the drying of water, that is, the drying of compressed air. This type of dryer is made up of two columns that work in two cycles: drying and regeneration. The quality of the regeneration affects the level of the dew point (it can reach -70ºC).
The membrane dryer is based on the principle of permeation. Compressed air passes through deep, porous fibers that do not allow water molecules to escape. In this way, the dried air is sent to the network. This type of dryer works with a reduced air flow and the condensation temperature can reach -70 ºC.

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